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Supreme Court Justice Scalia Showed Americans That He Is Mentally Unstable Today! He Shoud Resign and Seek Treatment!

By Bifford Caulfied — We have known for years that many of the Supreme Court Justices carry on long after their faculties have begun to be compromised a little bit — but that’s what you get when you give world class healthcare to a bunch of old guys and then pay them several hundred thousand dollars a year for what if for the most part a part-time job.  And then in recent years they have begun to fraternize with very rich, very right wing businessmen and autocrats — attend conferences and dine-out with partisan political personalities, corporations, and organizations..

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Scalia not only revealed his confused state of mind by his words and actions — but he himself described the state of his own mind — legal,  political, psychological, emotional — as “boggled”.  No argument here.  Scalia, my man, we agree. Your mind is clearly “boggled” — and it may be time to step down and seek treatment for early on-set dementia.