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Category → Blacks Have Just Recently Been Given Their “Get Out of Jail” pass to Heaven

Mormon Religion Stated That The Only Way Blacks Could Get Into Heaven Was to Go As A Slave To A White Mormon Family — As Recently As The 1970’s? Good Lord — The Barbarians Really Are At The Gate!

By Peter Le Force –– Mike Papantonio had a guest on his radio show Saturday morning, and he mentioned that the Mormon religion forbid blacks from being in the Aaronic Priesthood as recentlh as the 1970’s.  Can anyone confirm this?   He also said that as a result of some ancient battle up in heaven in which the blacks did not take sides, blacks were prohibited from going to heave as their punishment.   The only path to heaven, he said, was if a black person went to heaven in the capacity of a servant or slave for a Mormon family — then they got a special pass — and their crime of not taking sides in the big fight in heaven was overlooked.

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I had heard that Mormons in the United States believed in polygamy up until recently also — then a law was passed making polygamy illegal in the United States — and a short while after that the Mormons got a text message from God telling them that polygamy had served its purpose and was no l0nger necessary.  Wow!  That was really fortunate timing.

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Is this really a formal religion?  Or is it   — as pappy Bush said of Reagan’s economic plan when he was running for president against him  — or its it “voo-doo religinomics”?

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Whatever it is — even if everything else about Romney was okay — which it clearly is not — I think we should pass on this guy and this religion until they complete the modernization plan and run for President with something behind them that resembles something better than a toned version of “True Blood” — or something. Not real vampires, of course, just religious, political, racial, and financial and economic vampires.  You know — the worst kind — for the middle class — and blacks and the rest of the minorities!

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These guys sound to “rat-sh-t” and too “bat-sh-t” crazy to be in the White House.   You thought a black guy was bad?   Hold on to your “magic underwear”.  If Romney gets elected, they might start having Klan meetings and cross-burnings on the White House lawn.   And I thought the “tea party” was as crazy as it could get.  Man, this country is sure full of surprises these days!