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“Monkey” Moniker by Radio Host Barbara Espinoza — She Should Be Arrested For Defamation of the President!

By Silena Parthlemon –– Women everywhere, in general,  and radio and television talk show hosts throughout the civilized world, in particular,  should be very ashamed of this “Z” chromosome (Z is for zombie) infected ninja mutant mental midget Barbara Espinoza and her audaciously bigoted utterance —   in calling Barack Obama a “monkey”.  For starters, she should resign from whatever job she has — or be fired immediately — and then she should be committed to a mental hospital and given a psychiatric exam — to determine if she is even fit to be allowed to walk the streets.  It’s high time we started calling our these crazy racist freaks for the crap they spew.

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This despicable, disgusting woman should no longer be allowed to spew this right wing, ignorant, race-baiting, Ku Klux Klan – John Birch Society crap on the publicly owned airwaves.  If you can’t use the air waves honestly and respectfully in conversations about our national leaders, then you are unfit to work as a broadcaster on the public airways.

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I repeat — resign immediately!  Then check yourself into a hospital for the irreconcilably criminally insane.  Shame on you — you poor excuse for a woman and an American.  Freedom of speech, my ass!  You’re a slanderous, race-baiting, right-wing birther freak mutant — and you should ever be allowed on the air again.  Move to Somalia — and enjoy your freedom.