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When Forced To Chose Between A Phony, Rich, Empty Suit, Trust-Funder, Tax-Evader – Vulture Leveraged Buy-Out Predator Momma’s Boy — Or The Black Guy That’s Got Game — Give Me Game, Baby!

By Stephanie Devereaux —– Republican heavy-weights, as well, I suspect, the rank and file Republicans and their country cousin racist red-neck ignoramuses allies — upon close examination — find un-pretty boy Floydd Romney a pretty hard flip-flopper fake laugh lunch to swallow.  He’s not funny.  He’s not rigorously analytical.  Doesn’t have much gravitas.  Tells jokes that aren’t funny to anybody but himself — and then he laughs way to loud.  He tries practical jokes and pranks that fall flat.  He mispeaks, says things that would have been better left unsaid.  And for a campaign speech — basically says, “hey, whities,  it’s clear isn’t it that the black guy shouldn’t be in in the white house in charge of a great big ol’ thing like a whole country.

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Problem is though, as Joe Biden said.  “General Motors is alive — and Osama Bin Laden is dead.”   And remember  those swash-buckling Somalia pirates.   One second swaggering, laughing, boasting and smirking.   Next second dead.  President Obama not only has game.  He’s got Seal Team 6.   And 7, 8, 9, 10, and 14.  Ice in the veins.   All in — and wins.  Even his neural-synapse firings sound like machine-gun fire.

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I know he’s rich.  But when I look at him I still see a preacher wanna-bee from Kansas Wesleyan School for Presbyterian Ministers that flunked out and had to become a Mormon.  He’s light weight and phony.  And I can’t help it.  I keep thinking one of Osama’s boys would have left a horse-head in his bed — while he was telling Ann it was just Spotty the friendly family dog with a head-ache.  He’s not only not believable — he’s geekish, a little slow on the uptake — and never gets the girl when there’s another male anywhere in the county.

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Now don’t get me wrong.  I’m sure Willard has some good qualities — once you dig around a little.  But if I’m going to play for keeps — especially in the big one —  I want the black guy with game on my team.  Just saying!