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The Bell Tolls For “Austerity” across Europe — And Plutocrats, the Bell Tolls Finally For Thee?

By Robert Sexton — With Sarkozy losing the election in France, and the “non-austerity” candidates picking up seats and momentum across Europe over the week-end. the bell may have truly tolled for the “austerity” kings and queens acting on behalf of big money men in that part of the world.  People are beginning — slowly but surely — to realize that the interests of bankers and plutocrats — that of preserving their capital and maximizing return on their capital as much as possible — are not really the concerns of everyday people.  A thousand bankers can go broke  — but if the only thing you have to threaten me with is that things will get “very bad” for everyday people if that happens — and things are already “very bad” for everyday people — what do you have left to threaten me with.  In fact, when you threaten me with the fear that things will get bad for me if bankers lose their money and things are already hopelessly miserable for me — I begin to yearn to see bankers squirm and fell pain — and begin to kind of hope they do lose their money and feel some pain.

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Bankers and plutocrats of the world may be at the beginning of learning once again a harsh lesson:  When every day people have nothing to lose — the only thing left is the pleasure in seeing those who have had everything go their way — lose too for a change.  Be afraid — be very afraid — bankers — wealthy — plutocrats — and their politician house boys and house girls!

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There is nothing everyday people take more pleasure in than the downfall of a hypocrite,  or the financial ruin of  plutocrats.         Roll on, non-austerity, roll on!