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Ann Romney Repeats Her Fear That If Romneys Release Their Tax Returns — It Will Unleash a Torrent of Critcism For What They Reveal! Well – You Should Know, Ann!

By Stephanie Devereaux — In a puzzling obsession with trotting Ann Romney out onto the national stage to defend her “hubby-dub” — the Romney campaign stands by while Ann Romney doubles down and adamantly says she and Mitt are not release any more tax returns because once they did everyone would just start a new round of criticism of the Romney campaign because of what they contain.  Gee, Ann, you and I think a lot alike.  I believe that you and Mitt won’t release them because there is information so damaging or politically inexpedient in them that you think it will just throw the campaign in the trash can, squander Mitt’s chance for a successful Presidential run — if not in fact guarantee he will lose the election.  I tip my hat to the Romneys.  They are the only people, presumably — besides John McCain — who have seen their returns — and if you think it is terminal — I believe you.  It’s just that you really can’t expect the American people to elect Mr. Romney President if there is something in there that we all would think was so reprehensible that we wouldn’t vote for him for President after we learned about it.

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Thanks for being honest, Ann!