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Romneys Keep Reminding Us They Are The 1% — Of the Rich, by the Rich, and For the Rich!

By Frank Byronn Glenn — In a bizarre display of political amateurism and social tone-deafness, Ann and Mitt Romney continue to reveal what goofy, out of touch wannabees they are.

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They go on national television all casual-ed out, “shucking and goshing” it up   — Ann Romney blushing and gushing about what a “wild-and-crazy-guy” her Mitt is.  If people just knew how funny — and just positively regular Mitt really was, she stammered.

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The 0nly problem:  If you are on national television to show us just how “down-to-earth” and “regular guy-ish” the two of you are — please do not wear $1000 dollar T-Shirts.  Most Americans did not even know there was such a thing as a $1000 T-Shirt  — and once they knew, they did not know where one would go to purchase such an absurdity.

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I guess the final thing I have to say is this.  If you that rich — and have access to the best advice in the world, presumably — and you are still dumb enough to go out and spend $1000 on a stupid T-Shirt — not only do you and your husband not deserve to be residents of the White House — you deserve to go broke and stay broke — for Christsake!

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One final thing — if you are running for President — get an adviser or two with some brains.  And if you have advisers  — and they let your wife go on TV to show what an ordinary, regular, likeable couple you are — wearing a $1000 ostentatious  T-Shirt (presumably to help you make that point) — fire your advisers right now.  Today!  You’ll never be President with great advisers like that, Mitt!