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ALEC (American Legislative Exchange Council) is Guilty of Crimes Against Democracy!

By Peter Le Force –– It should not surprise us that businesses join efforts to influence law-makers, trying to get laws unfavorable to the profit-making aspirations over-turned and that the promote and encourage the introduction of  new laws aiding and supporting their businesses efforts to make money.

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But to learn about the huge number of so-called “American” businesses that have participated in or contributed some of their after-tax profits to ALEC, who then, on their behalf and in their name, promotes Voter ID laws in an attempt to subvert democracy — is inexcusable.   To find out that these businesses, through their spokesperson entity and lobbyist organization, ALEC,  have also written the “Stand Your Ground Laws” passed in many states across the country,  which do nothing but substitute vigilante, anarchist law for the rule of law by consent of the governed — enraging.  And most of them got tax write-offs on the money they gave ALEC!  If they do not cancel their memberships immediately and demand their contributions back, we should quit doing business with these anti-democratic nation-state traitor businesses — and demand that their executives be with treason and crimes against democracy.

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And now that ALEC has said it will quit promoting the passage of “Stand Your Ground Laws and Voter ID suppression laws — we should be just a impressed as we would be if a confessed serial killer pleads for our understanding while assuring us that he has now seen the error of his ways and should be let go because he is promising not to kill anybody else.  Right!  There is no apology resolute enough to make up for this travesty of trust — and no absolution available short of prosecution for conspiracy to over-throw democracy in the United States.