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Picking Paul Ryan For VP May Be The Last Battle Cry of A Dying Elephant — With A Death Wish!

By Johnny Tremaine — In a Presidential race in which the central issue from the “get-go” appeared to be whether or not the Republican party had moved so far to the right, become so identified solely with the interests of the rich and super-rich, so despicable and punitive toward women, so racist and disrespectful to Hispanics, all minorities, and the middle-class and working poor — that it may have punched its lunch ticket out of Washington, D.C. and off the national political stage anyway —   to pick Paul Ryan, the poster boy for the predatory rich,   whose famed “Budget Plan” was nothing more than a “RomneyHood” plan to rob from the middle-class and working poor and give another $5 trillion tax cut to the rich — on top of extending the Bush tax cuts indefinitely — seemed to me to be the “death cry” of a suicidal Republican party that was suddenly interested  only in speeding up the process of its encroaching demographic irrelevance  by calling all the questions about their to the fore-front right now — and right away.  It’s like the Republican party psyche finally got tired of waiting for the political demographic “other shoe” to fall — and simply wanted to get it over with.

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So all I have to say now is:  “Congratulations, Republicans”, it looks like you have pulled it off.  You may very well have killed yourself as a political party — in order to avoid a slow, painful, inevitable decline into political and social irrelevance  — and a long protracted period of time in the encroaching political desert — waiting for the “other show to fall”.