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Romney’s $55,000 “Car Elevator” All the Street Cred He Needs To Proof He Is A 1%-er!

By Bifford CaulfieldAs if the idea that you had so many houses like John McCain and so many cars like Mitt Romney that housing them and moving them around and showing them off is a major problem needing to be dealt with in the remodel of your house  — Mitt takes the absurdity of enormous wealth to new levels by installing a $55,000 car elevator to moves his cars around.

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It’s embarrassing enough that we have such an inequality of wealth and income in this country that there are people running for President that have enough money that they have spent profligately — such that they now have major problems spending it in ways that ordinary Americans wouldn’t consider ridiculous.  But to have to tear down your small mansion and build one almost four times the size so that you can include some amenities over-looked in the small one — like a $55,000 elevator for your cars (I wonder if the cars will also have a dumb waiter bringing the oil, anti-freeze, petro, and Armorall?) is beyond the pale.  How could anyone vote this monied idiot into the White House and expect anything but a bunch of old, white, rich man “get-rich-quick” policies from the government.  Wouldn’t he just look it the office of President as an opportunity to “double down” and make some “serious” money now.  I think so.  I don’t trust this 1% er vulture capitalist!