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The Current Republicans May Represent The Last Gasp Of The Withered, Decaying Remnants Of A Once “Grand Old Party”!

March 9, 2017  — Frank Byronn Glenn

It started with Reagon, a once proud FDR new-dealer, finding religion as an “individual responsibility” champion — after he had lucked into howdy-doody-esque, feel good doofus movies and managed to carve out a small chunk of financial security for himself.  In no small part, I might add, by avoiding paying any taxes whatsoever  (providing him insight into the fact that there is more than one way to scam yourself into relative financial independence.  Like Trump later on, I’m sure most of what he did was in the strictest of senses “perfectly legal” — barring a few insider advantages and sweet heart deals that the advocates of the policies he was pushing allowed him to participate in — just for good old boy’s sake.

Even at that — he was a much more decent human being than most of the crop of Republicans that followed him.

Famous from the Bill Clinton administration days, Newt Gingrich reputedly responded to Bill Clinton’s incredulous query about Republicans in Newt’s time,  “Why do you guys always have to cheat?”

Because,” Gingrich famously was reported to have replied, “if we didn’t, we could never win.”

And I expect that is more true now than it ever was in Newt’s day.

Just put yourself in a Republican’s shoes.  You have very few policy ideas that actually benefit — directly or indirectly — the majority of the American people.  The demographic trends — long term — seem to be running against the GOP mind sets and policy ideas. At the same time (on the good side),  lobbyists representing the wealthiest individuals and corporations in the country come bearing sums of cash large  enough to swamp opponents in most modest representative and senatorial political contests around the country.

Simultaneously, the same lobbyists, representing the same or similar interests, have been bringing comparable sums of cash to elect partisan political allies to state legislatures and governor-ships  across the 50 United States.  And once ensconced, see 2010, they further gerry-mandered the legislative districts in their states to make it very difficult for non-Republicans to come out of the mainstream of American life and successfully run for and win offices.

With their lucrative Congressional jobs secure, their enormous perks intact, they practically have become “made men”, politically  — and unless they develop an uncharacteristically independent streak and try voting their own mind and dispositions at some point — they are practically set for life.  We all watched Saddam Hussein develop a touch of  independence after a few years as the U.S. power structure’s “boy”,  and we all know how that turned out.

As time went on, Republicans (and a lot of incumbents, really) felt comfortable doing almost nothing for the American  middle class and working poor people, because there was very little chance of them losing their elections no matter what they did — or how they  voted in Congress.  At the same time, they could not just stand up in public and proclaim over and over again on national television that they were for helping the rich get richer and the poor get poorer — and feel comfortable about themselves —  and perhaps their political futures.  So a new occupation was born.  Political pundits and talk show hosts begin making up false theories about how when you cut taxes on the rich, it trickled down to all the people.  Things like every time you cut taxes on the rich — the economy boomed.  The famous “Laffer Curve”.

These Republican talking points and made-up p0licy positions really just represented the wishes and desires of the very wealthy individuals and corporations — which were there benefactors.  Good government became “big government”, and big government became “bad” government.  And Republican talking points to middle class Americans — blue collars workers — was that they were the champions and saviors that were going to get “big government” off their backs and “out of their lives” , so they could prosper again.

Everything Republicans did — or allowed — at the request of — or the behest of — the wealthiest in the country — became Republicans fighting to save the “little guy”.

These were lies!  But they worked well enough.  And because they worked well enough — whole industries sprang up generating the next generation of lies and talking points as it slowly dawned on the American people that “trickle down” never “trickled”.  And the “Laffer Curve” was really the rich and the Republicans laughing at the gullibility of working people.

And so it evolved.  Over time, all facts were disputed, because if you couldn’t get people to believe the lies outright — you could at least bury them in contradictory information until they became completely unable to discern facts from fiction — or, ultimately,they fatigued of trying — and simply gave up trying to discern truth — and went with the most captivating side-show and most sensational political production values. Negative, and often untruthful ads filled the airwaves.  The messages competed, and people had trouble telling what was true and what was lies.  In the end, they only remembered the most prurient, the scariest, the most horrifying and ghastly representations of candidates and their policies and viewpoints.  And generally the worst, most outrageous ads got the highest ratings and were remembered longest and best.  So the nastiest ads won, and the meanest, most deceptive, and the sometimes — the most untrue — candidates won.  Certainly the ones who had the most money to run whatever ads they ran the most times in the greatest numbers of cities in the largest number of venues — prevailed.

Lying paid.  Big, outrageous, memorable lies paid even bigger.  And the biggest, meanest, most outrageous ads with the most money behind them paid best — in fact,  almost never l0st.

So professional lying became not only the newest political art-form, but in many cases the surest path  to avoid true accountability and win re-election and guaranteed political longevity.  It slowly became passe to simply stand up and tell the honest truth on TV.  Not only was it a little drab and lifeless, it was not very interesting therefore not very fun — or memorable.

So a whole generation of liars emerged.  Now politicians in general, and Republicans in particular, have convinced themselves that now only does the truth not matter very much — it’s limiting, inconvenient, restrictive — and very unimaginative.  Unappreciated even.

Republicans now, led obviously by Donald Trump, believe that not only is truth “not necessary” — it doesn’t exist.  Truth is simply a point of view — to be won or lost —  and like all the political wins they’ve scored lying — truth is like advertising — the one able to repeat it the most times in the most places in the most venues — “wins the truth”.  That’s why Donald Trump either doesn’t know or doesn’t care whether he lies or not — because he really doesn’t.  It’s all “reality television” to him — and truth is whoever wins the ratings and whoever wins the ratings — gets to claim truth as his — in Trumps mind.

He has no shame about lying.  He sees it as just “part of show business” — and he’s trying to outpoint the Democrats — and the press.  And he actually believes that,  if he can do it enough times for long enough — he will prevail.

So the end result is that Republicans have gone so far in truth distortion and lying to stay in power and keep their gravy train rolling — that now they have lost their souls.  They have learned to lie professionally, without a tremor of conscience, because they know that if they tell they truth — the real truth — they do not have a prayer.  And yet, as the country evolves, becomes more diverse — better informed — with the explosion of information resources — the internet — social media — cell phones with video cameras — was simple lying and misinformation going to be enough?

Pundits wondered aloud if — with changing demographics in favor of the Democrats — would Republicans ever win a Presidential election again?

Panicked!  Did they pull out all the stops?  Did they consciously say, “this may be our last chance”!  We have to go for broke!  Did the Republicans not only sell “their” souls — but did they conspire to betray their country and their country-men — subvert the values and principles of the very country they owed their loyalty too — for one last chance to tip the political balance forever — permanently — in their favor.  Did they want their chance at power one more time — so badly — that they would do anything — to taste the “sweet lust of power” — one more time? It seems so.

But would they even commit treason against the country they claimed to love — and the countrymen they had sworn to serve?  And if they have, who among them, then,  will pay the ultimate price?  And who among them will have the courage to say, “not on our watch!  Not in our country?  Will there be anyone?  And will there be enough of us — that are courageous and committed enough — who realize what we have allowed to happen — to rally together and save this — our great experiment for mankind — that we call —  America?