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What Hillary Means When She Says “Single Payer Healthcare Will Never, Ever Happen….”

By Byronn Glenn  — June 13, 2016

Those ‘Democratic’ apologists for Hillary Clinton, who say that she is right that “single-payer healthcare will never, ever happen.” and that “we can’t pay for it if it did”, either do not know how to add and subtract — or have forgotten how to dream.

Forgotten how to dream, as Bobby Kennedy so eloquently said the year he was assassinated.  Dream, he said, “not of things that once were, but of things that have never been.”

They have also forgotten that when Bill Clinton left office, moderate Republican  though he was, the defense budget was down several hundred billion dollars a year from what it was when he came into office, to a svelte $327 billion or so, and when Barack Obama came to office it was back up to $987 billion, and we were all still petrified of those big, old mean terrorists bad guys.

I ask you, after the 50 people were gunned down by the  “purported” radical extremist with Islamo-terrorist ties in Orlando over the week-end, “don’t you feel a lot safer now than you did when we were only spending a measly $327 billion dollars a year to “keep us safe.”

In truth, the reason we spend lots of money on national defense is so that corporations can have their own personal  “Republican Guard” looking after their financial interests and assisting them in their imperialistic predations around the world  — and to facilitate an occasional resource take-over or U.S. sponsored coup d’etat in a small,  uppity third-world country that had the audacity to nationalize an industry or re-take control of a natural or national resources — an insult our wealthy corporatists simple could not abide.

And — oh, yes…. we also have a big military budget because their are lots of wealthy people feeding at the easy trough of instant obsolescence manifest in the profitable defense and munitions manufacturing business — and lots of big fortunes to be made in the enormous wealth transfer — through taxes — from working people to the ruling class — in the name of nation-hood and keeping America safe.

To examine further:  When you say ‘single-payer health care will never happen”, all you’re really saying is the wealthy don’t need it, won’t permit it, and so it will “never happen”.  I bow to the so easily defeated!  The acquiescent. The unwilling.  The afraid?  The afraid to dream…….?

And when you say we could “never pay for it, if we did”.  All you’re really saying is that we can’t pay for it and still have tw0-thirds of our federal budget going to pay for corporate war and murder for profit. And we can’t pay for it without asking millionaires and billionaires to chip in a tiny fraction more of their ill-gotten largese.  And you’re also saying that that’s okay with you. And that those national priorities match up nicely with yours — and that those priorities fulfill your vision of America’s role in the world.  That they define for you what is good and what is desirable — not just in a country and a world — but in a civilization.

But sadly, you are saying something else, as well.  You’re saying that you won’t fight for a better country and a better world — a more hopeful path forward for civilization.  Or you are admitting that you are unwilling — unable — or unworthy….

And that’s a hard one to argue against.   Because,  if you really do believe we shall never have something like single-payer healthcare, and you really do believe that even if we did, we re not smart enough, capable enough, or good enough– to ever prioritize that it could come to pass and we could sustain it — over time — then I agree.  It may never come to pass for us.  And we will richly deserve to be deprived of that goodness and humanity in our world — perhaps, because we had forgotten, or never learned, or were simply unwilling to even dream…to try to dream —  of better life and world.
And as far as not being able to pay for it?  That’s just the child in us accepting, without protest,  the serial abuse of the older and more powerful in our lives…. because we did not have the simple courage to cry out and to ask to be treated better — and with greater equality and fairness — and to accept, instead,  that we — and mankind — simply are not worth of it.

In short, there’s twenty ways to pay for it, if we want it.  All we have to do is ask for — no,  demand — it.  Are you able?  Are you willing?

Is Hillary Clinton?

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