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Hilary Clinton Reveals She Is A Proud, Dedicated, “Corporatist”!

By Byronn Glenn – June 11, 2016 — “Run, Bernie, Run!”

Hilary Clinton saying she is just being “realistic”, because “single-payer healthcare is never, ever going to happen” — is like a legislator saying that “laws against rape are pointless, because the sexual urge is just part of human sexual biology — and there’s just nothing we can do about it”.
The point is, Hilary, what we want as citizens of this country is our choice, and what your statement is really saying is, “Hey insurance companies, hey big pharma, hey, rich healthcare providers, please send me lots of money right away — because I am going out on a limb, in the national media,  in front of God and everybody, letting you know right up front that I am going on the “official” record as a proud “corporatist”, that I’m a ‘big insurance’, ‘big pharma’ girl through and through– and that  I have your back – so don’t worry!”  Just make it worth it to me!

And of course, what her donors hear, is “oh  no, you don’t. No single payer here.  Not one my watch!”

The point is Hilary, it’s a choice.  And you have made yours.  It just happens to be in direct contradiction to what 70% of Americans — including Bernie Sanders and his supporters — believe we should have.  Trump is apparently so bad in your mind, you believe you can run as a Republican and all of us donkeys and jackasses are so dumb that we ll just vote for you, anyway.

Well, I say, “No thanks!”  Run, Bernie, Run!  Do you really want to go back to the Senate and carry water for a fake Democrat at the age of 74?

If  Trump wins, at least maybe we ll get the revolution on for real!

Here’s to the new Democratic-Socialist Party!  Keep the momentum! Build the movement! Make it Bern, or let it burn!

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