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Sanders Continues to Give Clinton All She Wants — Despite Her Enormous Institutional Advantage!!

By Byronn Glenn — The Clinton camp has returned to the same old tired and disengenious old drum beat that the establishment media has been beating since June of 2015.  Sanders isn’t prepared — Sanders Isn’t Electable — Sanders is Foreign Policy Naive — Sanders is too old (oops, be careful on that one).

But even though Clinton by all rights should have buried Sanders by now — for some reason he just keeps seeming to gain name recognition and favor.  Maybe it’s just that the not quite ready for prime time American public has taken itself a long time to figure out that with Sanders – “what you see and hear is what you get”.  Sanders hasn’t changed too many positions on policies and programs over the entire course of his life in politics — and Americans have seen that so seldom — that it has taken them a long time to recognize it — and even longer to believe it is true of a career politician.

More and more, people are beginning to realize that Bernie Sanders is speaking about them and for them.  That he’s saying the same things on the campaign trail that a lot of us have been muttering under our breaths over morning coffee for most of our lifetimes.

The only unanswered question is: Will the awakening realization in the American voting public that for once in their lifetime there is actually a politician who is pulling for them — sees the same things wrong in Washington and in the country as they do  — and is sincere about trying to make them better  — will the realization happen fast enough and big enough to put some winning momentum behind the campaign of this tireless, courageous champion of the American middle class and working families.

Rise up, America! This is your time!  It may be your last chance for a long time….  Democracy Now!  Democracy Now! Democracy Now!