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To “Extinctionist” Republicans Desparately Denouncing President Obama’s Plan To Help Save The Planet — I Say Good Riddance To Bad Rubbish!

By Bifford Caulfied — It’s not like we have been able to count on Republicans to come up with anything sensible in politics, business, tax policy, the middle class, or foreign policy for years, anyway  –— so I don’t know why it continues to surprise us when these knuckle-dragging troglodytes vehemently denounce a plan to make our planet a tiny bit more sustainable.

And when they cry out, “Hey, I’m not a scientist,  I don’t know”,  I distinctly hear, “I am just too dumb and too bought and paid for by the Koch Bros and their “ilk” to dare care about something like the health or sustainability of the planet.”  It’s hard to tell what they really think — or if there actually is any signs of life in those seemingly inert brains — but Republicans for some reason believe it is their designated mission (probably Koch Bros assigned) to protest that anything that might extend the life of the planet a week is inherently evil, European socialist with a twist of Obama-Kenya-ism, anti-jobs, and bad for the national debt — and therefore must be fought to the death and defeated.

I guess after watching the “extinctionists” for a few years now — I have just one question.  If you guys are so bound and determined to kill the planet and life on earth as absolutely “fast and furiously” as you can — why don’t you all form a Jones-town like cult — all of you go to an Alex meeting presided over by the Koch Bros on some scantily populated South Sea island — and all of you drink the poison cool-aid and kill yourselves.  Then you have achieved your goals (at least for yourselves) of ending life, you’re out of your collective misery, and the rest of us can go about the sensible business of trying to sustain life on earth for ourselves and our children and grandchildren.  Plus — what a relief to be rid of all of you Republican and Tea Party losers and your plutocratic boyfriends!

Or — as we used to say when I was a kid:   “Good riddance — to bad rubbish!”


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