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Benghazi Attack Mastermind — Abu Khattala — Himself, Says Attacks Were Motivated By Anti-Muslim Video!

By Frank Byronn Glenn — There you have it.  Abu Kattala himself said the Benghazi attack was retaliation for the anti-muslim video.  And I am still waiting for the right wing echo chamber and all the right wing Congressional  talking heads to:   1) acknowledge publicly that the one of the instigators and leaders of the Benghazi attack said himself that the anti-muslim video was one of the motivations for the attacks; 2) apologize to Susan Rice and President Obama for demonizing and politicizing a national tragedy for raw and grass political gain based on errors and mis-statements of fact — and seriously erroneous and/or disingenuous statements and accusations repeated as Republican mantra and hype for months.

As Hilary Clinton so aptly pointed out at the time — what difference does it make — whether it was evil terrorists, anti-muslin video protestors, or a small band of depraved individuals in a far off, inhospitable place in the world — just out for their evening kill.   The answer, of course, at least from the fanatic right wing, was that it makes all the difference in the world.  If you say it was anti-muslim video protestors — then you are lying,  and you are incompetent, and you are involved in a cover-up and mis-representation of facts and the President needs impeached and Susan Rice and anybody else that knows anything about it should be fired  and/or tried for treason.

Before long, all the ills of the nation under this, the black President — “fast and furious” (which was actually a  Bush administration program), the Affordable Care Act, being born in Kenyan and then somehow smuggling himself into the Presidency when we weren’t looking, the IRS plot to destroy right-wing pacs and non-profits — all became wrapped in the 800 pound political gorilla — “Benghazi” — as the right wingers thought they final had the black guy in a political death grip — maybe even an impeachable blunder.   In combination, running out of fake scandals and phony reasons to hate a black President for “racial” reasons without actually saying it right out, not having any palatable ideas, policies, or programs that would benefit anybody but themselves and their rich “sugar daddies” — and Republicans and their morally and politically bankrupt alllies clutching and grasping at “Benghazi” — clamoring  aboard it like the last gasp political  “life boat” it was —  in desperate hopes  of staying alive in the political battle against a really effective Democratic adversary in Barack Obama  — Republicans just simply could not afford to let the issue fade away — because as it did — so did the moral justification for their Republican Party — at least in their minds.

I, personally, do not think there has been a moral justification for the Republican Party for the last thirty years or so.  But now they have a dilemma.  The guy who did “Benghazi”, himself, has said that the anti-muslim video was one of the motivations for the attacks.  Not Susan Rice, not President Obama — Abu Kattala, himself. So what do the GOP crazies do not.  The Drudge report ignored that fact.  Other Republicans have hem and hawed about the fact that this must be just another trick and deception by Obama — that the timing is just “too curious”.

I submit that what is most curious of all is the fact that the American people have not run these “dead-beat dad” political hacks masquerading as statesmen out of town on a rail — much less continue to vote the “jerks” and “jokes” into office — and then be forced to watch the 24/7 clown-car parade they hilariously refer to as the “Republican Party” — embarrassingly play charades with our national policy and federal government on national television and in media outlets around the world.  What an embarrassment and humiliation to this great, good country and its wonderful people  — to have the “no accounts” pretending to represent us!




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