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Benghazi Attack Mastermind — Abu Khattala — Himself, Says Attacks Were Motivated By Anti-Muslim Video!

By Frank Byronn Glenn — There you have it.  Abu Kattala himself said the Benghazi attack was retaliation for the anti-muslim video.  And I am still waiting for the right wing echo chamber and all the right wing Congressional  talking heads to:   1) acknowledge publicly that the one of the instigators and leaders of the Benghazi attack said himself that the anti-muslim video was one of the motivations for the attacks; 2) apologize to Susan Rice and President Obama for demonizing and politicizing a national tragedy for raw and grass political gain based on errors and mis-statements of fact — and seriously erroneous and/or disingenuous statements and accusations repeated as Republican mantra and hype for months.

As Hilary Clinton so aptly pointed out at the time — what difference does it make — whether it was evil terrorists, anti-muslin video protestors, or a small band of depraved individuals in a far off, inhospitable place in the world — just out for their evening kill.   The answer, of course, at least from the fanatic right wing, was that it makes all the difference in the world.  If you say it was anti-muslim video protestors — then you are lying,  and you are incompetent, and you are involved in a cover-up and mis-representation of facts and the President needs impeached and Susan Rice and anybody else that knows anything about it should be fired  and/or tried for treason.

Before long, all the ills of the nation under this, the black President — “fast and furious” (which was actually a  Bush administration program), the Affordable Care Act, being born in Kenyan and then somehow smuggling himself into the Presidency when we weren’t looking, the IRS plot to destroy right-wing pacs and non-profits — all became wrapped in the 800 pound political gorilla — “Benghazi” — as the right wingers thought they final had the black guy in a political death grip — maybe even an impeachable blunder.   In combination, running out of fake scandals and phony reasons to hate a black President for “racial” reasons without actually saying it right out, not having any palatable ideas, policies, or programs that would benefit anybody but themselves and their rich “sugar daddies” — and Republicans and their morally and politically bankrupt alllies clutching and grasping at “Benghazi” — clamoring  aboard it like the last gasp political  “life boat” it was —  in desperate hopes  of staying alive in the political battle against a really effective Democratic adversary in Barack Obama  — Republicans just simply could not afford to let the issue fade away — because as it did — so did the moral justification for their Republican Party — at least in their minds.

I, personally, do not think there has been a moral justification for the Republican Party for the last thirty years or so.  But now they have a dilemma.  The guy who did “Benghazi”, himself, has said that the anti-muslim video was one of the motivations for the attacks.  Not Susan Rice, not President Obama — Abu Kattala, himself. So what do the GOP crazies do not.  The Drudge report ignored that fact.  Other Republicans have hem and hawed about the fact that this must be just another trick and deception by Obama — that the timing is just “too curious”.

I submit that what is most curious of all is the fact that the American people have not run these “dead-beat dad” political hacks masquerading as statesmen out of town on a rail — much less continue to vote the “jerks” and “jokes” into office — and then be forced to watch the 24/7 clown-car parade they hilariously refer to as the “Republican Party” — embarrassingly play charades with our national policy and federal government on national television and in media outlets around the world.  What an embarrassment and humiliation to this great, good country and its wonderful people  — to have the “no accounts” pretending to represent us!




To “Extinctionist” Republicans Desparately Denouncing President Obama’s Plan To Help Save The Planet — I Say Good Riddance To Bad Rubbish!

By Bifford Caulfied — It’s not like we have been able to count on Republicans to come up with anything sensible in politics, business, tax policy, the middle class, or foreign policy for years, anyway  –— so I don’t know why it continues to surprise us when these knuckle-dragging troglodytes vehemently denounce a plan to make our planet a tiny bit more sustainable.

And when they cry out, “Hey, I’m not a scientist,  I don’t know”,  I distinctly hear, “I am just too dumb and too bought and paid for by the Koch Bros and their “ilk” to dare care about something like the health or sustainability of the planet.”  It’s hard to tell what they really think — or if there actually is any signs of life in those seemingly inert brains — but Republicans for some reason believe it is their designated mission (probably Koch Bros assigned) to protest that anything that might extend the life of the planet a week is inherently evil, European socialist with a twist of Obama-Kenya-ism, anti-jobs, and bad for the national debt — and therefore must be fought to the death and defeated.

I guess after watching the “extinctionists” for a few years now — I have just one question.  If you guys are so bound and determined to kill the planet and life on earth as absolutely “fast and furiously” as you can — why don’t you all form a Jones-town like cult — all of you go to an Alex meeting presided over by the Koch Bros on some scantily populated South Sea island — and all of you drink the poison cool-aid and kill yourselves.  Then you have achieved your goals (at least for yourselves) of ending life, you’re out of your collective misery, and the rest of us can go about the sensible business of trying to sustain life on earth for ourselves and our children and grandchildren.  Plus — what a relief to be rid of all of you Republican and Tea Party losers and your plutocratic boyfriends!

Or — as we used to say when I was a kid:   “Good riddance — to bad rubbish!”


Spurs Win It All: 104-87! The NBA Championship Belongs To The Spurs! Leonard NBA Finals MVP!

By Ritchie Totten — LeBron James showed his championship mettle — leading Miami out to a 16 point lead in the first quarter — James scoring 17 points himself in the first.  Then the Spurs — ever the Spurs — played Spurs ball.  Miami lost a half-step  off their frenzied defense — Spurs moved the ball, got the good shots, and Manu Genobili and Kahwi Leonard played lights out — and presto chango — Spurs up 7 points at half — and looking for more!  Half-time score — 47-40.

The Second Half.   All Spurs!  Nothing Miami could do could slow down San Antonio.  Tony Parker could hit nothing offensively in  the first half, but his speed, deceptiveness, his passing and play making kept the big machine rolling — then suddenly he was on fire as well and hit five shots in a row — and San Antonio rolled into the NBA Championship like a cross between an avalanche and a stampede.  Great tribute to Coach Popovich and the “big fundamental” Tim Duncan.  Manu Ginobli also had a “back to the future” game in a “back to the future”  series– for him.  Beautiful basketball.  Great run!  Spurs win it — 104-87!

Eric Cantor’s Money Couldn’t Buy Him Love!

By Frank B. Glenn — Despite the fact that Eric Cantor spent 10 million on his house race and David Brat spent less than $100,000, Cantor got soundly whipped in his Virginia Congressional race — and was quite surprised by the fact, apparently.  That Cantor lost was pretty surprising, because he had promenaded himself around town as a Tea Party advocate, champion, and cheerleader.  The truth of the matter was more that he pretended to be an authentic “tea partier”, but all he actually was in reality was a tireless advocate for the interests of the wealthy — wall street, big business, and corporations, in general.


Either he thought that by cozying up to business working as a tireless “tool” for their interests, he could use their substantial political contributions to overcome any trivial grass-roots protests, or he thought that because he was the Republican majority leader in Congress he was an untouchable —  money and connections didn’t matter  — and therefore he just  couldn’t lose.    The “punditocracy”  tirelessly beat the “immigration” drum, saying that Cantor had gotten out of step with his constituents on immigration and that that was what did him in.  They quoted showed video of, or quoted David Brat railing on Eric Cantor’s views on immigration almost exclusively  — but the reality was that David Brat’s entire campaign was based on the fact that Eric Cantor was out of touch — or didn’t care about the everyday people in his district — that all he was was an over-acheiving and predictable advocate for the interests of “big business” and not ordinary Americans.


In fact, surveys taken in Cantor’s district immediately before and immediately after the election showed that more than half of everybody — including Republicans — favored some kind of sensible immigration reform.  The only thing immigration related that they objected to with regard to Eric Cantor was that the way he talked about immigration was in the same way that big business and corporations talked about immigration — and that he was simply representing business’s position on immigration, not his the people in his Congressional district in Virginia.


Then, of course, there was the on going insult and disrespect evidenced by Cantor toward his district  –– in that as time went on he spent less and less time in his district communicating with voters about their concerns — ones that he might have spoken out for — or represented them about in Congress.


In short, I think Eric Cantor had served as a faithful “tool” or money and power — and obviously thought that with “money and power” his side, he didn’t have to worry much about the pointy headed professor running against him.  In fact, Cantor actually mocked David Brat for being an elitist college “professor” type — and implied that therefore Professor Brat could not be taken seriously by the voters.  It appears, Mr. Cantor, that you were wrong on that one.


In an interesting political twist, however, we suddenly see the potential for “real” political change emerging as the anti-corporate tea party views and the liberal progressive views coalesce around the ideas of reigning in the power of business in politics and trying to create an economy in which their is a more level playing  ground and more income equality.