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Republicans Can’t Even Propose Legislation in Congress and Get Republicans To Vote For It Now!

By Frank Byronn Glenn — John Boehner gets ready to bring his “Plan B” to the House floor for a vote — and to make sure he gets it passed –– he loads it up with things that give the tea-party, Grover Norquist types wet dreams when they think about it — and he still can’t get it passed.  He gives them cuts to social safety net items that they clamor government is giving to “mooches” — and include a tax increase that is less than will occur January 1, 2013 — if they do nothing — and these “bloviating ignoramuses” can’t see the forest for the trees — and tell Boehner in advance that they will not support it.

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We have seen them come down against ideas that were mainstream Republican policy from Eisenhower, to Nixon, to Reagan, to both Bushes and Bob Dole — the American Heritage Institute.  We have seen them vote against bills that they or there caucus recently sponsored because now Obama supports them.  But now — absurdity of absurdities — they can’t even vote for a bill that has everything in it that they were rabid about a week ago.  These guys are — for lack of a more descriptive phrase — very nearly certifiably, clinically insane.  Either that or they or bloviating ignoramuses and con men and women playing a preposterous game of political charades.

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May we clear the field of these bull-shit artist fools in the 2014 elections.  It’s time they went back to live under the rocks they crawled out from under when they got there money from the deranged billionaires.  Or as another group once said so eloquently some years ago:  “Off With Their Heads!”

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