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Now We Have To Fight Fascism Here In The United States — The Republican Party Does Not Believe in Democracy — And Have Thrown Their Lot In With The Fascist Plutocrats To Try and Turn the United States Into Their Personal Fascist Plutocracy!

By Bifford Caulfield — It’s official now.  Republicans do not believe in Democracy.  The have bet their political lives on the fact that they can team up with billionaire fascists, fellow Republican money-slaves to the rich — with an enabling and cheerleading fascist and morally bankrupt Supreme Court.  Boy will they be shocked when the fascists no longer need them after the “take-over” is complete — and they are the first ones the death squads purge and “neutralize”.

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There is nothing democratic about these lying, cheating, stealing, vote-supressing, union-busting bastards who can’t get enough of their “Koch-Sucking” delights.  “Off with their heads!”

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